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                            Specializing in Tribute Songs, and Supporting of Our U.S. Troops and Military Families.
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                  Featured Song:                                                                                    We are a local organization whose primary  mission is to  
                  "God bless Our U.S. Troops"                                             reach out to our military heroes and their families, in 
                  For audio sample:  Click Here                                                     recognition  of their bravery, service and sacrifice for our country.
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                        A portion of the proceeds goes to the U.S. Troops and the Military Families.


God Bless Our US Troops is a self- funded organization and all of our funding comes from internet sales and the generous support of Americans who believe in our mission and their country. 
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 Specializing in: Tributes and Supporting Our U.S. Military Soldiers.      

 Hi, I'm David L Jackson. I love to help our troops as much as I can and they need all of the help they can get.  


  In today 's  time there is nothing better than being to able help in supporting our troops that help our country so much in so many ways. We
  believe if not for our troops our country would be in much worse shape and not to think about how bad that could be. They work hard everyday
  in trying to make our  country safe and to allow us to enjoy our freedom. From time to time some are called to take on very dangerous jobs and
  they go to do them with pride and bravery. Lets support them in ever way we can because they really need our  help as we really need theirs.


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